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Meet Melanie

Society Registered Homeopath

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Melanie Medhurst RsHom

After leaving school I studied child psychology for 2 years and then went on to study conventional medicine in the late 80s in Germany. I worked in a gynaecology clinic for many years where we specialised in female health issues such as PCOS, infertility, female cancers, endometriosis etc. My role was supporting patients mentally and emotionally through their health issues. 

After resolving a number of my own health issues through diet I started to become interested in more natural forms of medicine. In 2007 I came down with pneumonia and was subsequently diagnosed with bronchiectasis. In the 4 years that followed I had pneumonia 14 times, was given 12 hours to live, had a near death experience and was eventually told by a lung specialist to get my affairs in order as I would not survive another pneumonia, he was going to book me in to have sections of both lungs removed.


Something clicked in me in that moment and I said no - I was going to take control of my own health and find an alternative route to which the response was “you’re signing your death warrant!”

A friend recommended a homeopath and like most people who come to homeopathy I was desperate and had no idea what I was letting myself in for. Within 3 months I was significantly better and now lead a very happy, healthy life in which I go running, do yoga, eat a clean diet and haven’t had another pneumonia since. Bronchiectasis is an incurable condition but what homeopathy does is it keeps the lungs clear of mucus so that I no longer suffer from frequent chest infections.

Coming from a conventional medical background I needed to know what had happened and how it had worked. I initially just wanted to do a first aid course to have a basic knowledge of homeopathy but it fascinated me so much I went on to do the foundation course by which time I was hooked and went all the way to become a fully qualified Society Registered Homeopath. I now run clinics in our integrative health center in Wormbridge, Herefordshire with clinics in Hereford City or online.

My mission in life is now to give others who are suffering with ill health, the support to take control of their own health and to discover the best version of themselves. Apart from being passionate about good health I am also passionate about raising happy healthy children because I feel in today's world children are suffering immensely but they are our future and we need happy, healthy children for our society to continue and improve. Self -harm, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction and even suicide are at an all time high with very little help from the conventional medicine world.

With my background I feel that integrating both conventional forms of medicine with more holistic forms such as homeopathy is the way forward and the answer to the financial crisis in the British NHS and other health care systems around the world

There is a place, a time and the need for both schools of thought, the key is to utilising both of their strengths.


Apart from this I home educated my own two children and love watching them becoming the happy, healthy, confident individuals that they are. I also love being in nature, especially by the sea to enjoy the sea air. I have a love for boats and even got my boat licence so I can make the most of my time on the water.

Being registered with the Society of Homeopaths means I work to a strict Code of Ethics. I am also registered with the ICO so that you can relax knowing that all your data is safe and will not be shared with anybody else. I am a member of the National Centre of Integrative Medicine

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